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Long Island Skunk prevention

If you have a Long Island skunk that resides on the backside of your house, it can actually be a big dilemma. You cannot easily chase away the skunks from your house or yard. If you indulge in such activities, then you are sure to be suffering from the awful results of being sprayed by the skunk, which actually smells too bad. It might even cause blindness temporarily if the spray nears your eyes. There are some steps to be followed to drive the skunks off from your house or yard.

You need to very much careful while you are around skunks, since they might possess rabies. If you happen to a skunk that acts strangely or is very much aggressive, immediately flee the place and phone up the animal control. If a person is bitten by the skunk, then you need to compulsorily capture the skunk to test it for rabies. The brain of the skunk is needed to be tested and so make sure that the head is kept intact.

You can opt to sprinkle a small layer of chalk, flour or any other white powder near its place of living. You then need to wait till dusk. Come back after dark and investigate for the tracks that lead away to show that the skunk has actually left the place in look for food. Now start sealing all the entrances that you suspect to be used by the Long Island skunk to get inside your home or yard. If you perform this step in the right manner, the skunk will never be able to come back in and if the skunk comes back, you then need to wait till subsequent evening and do the process again.

You can place slices of lemons or oranges all through the yard. Skunks do hate the scent and taste of citrus fruits and so they might not return on smelling or tasting one.

If you are not able to force the skunk to leave willingly, then you need to trap him out. You need to first have a check with the local authorities to ensure that you are not doing anything against the law. Then buy a skunk trap which is small enough to stop the skunk from lifting its own tail upwards. While you set trap, make sure to secure some old blankets or towels on the outside of it to ensure that it becomes safer to move toward the skunk once the trap gets hold of the skunk. Make sure to bait the trap using sardines, canned cat food, giblets, tuna or any other thing that consists of a strong scent. Make sure to check the trap often, because other animals might get caught inside it.

You must clear things like garbage, bird seeds, vegetables, pet food that are lying on your backyard. Having them on the ground is very much similar to attracting the skunks to come and ruin your place, voluntarily. As long as you keep such garbage and leftover food on the outside, skunks will come back often to eat them.

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