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How to get Long Island rats out of the attic

These days, rats are present everywhere. It has become a common scenario to deal with Long Island rats on the attic of an apartment/office/house. The roof rats are the most common species. They are keen on climbing and living nearby places where food is present. They cause problems like making noise during the night, scratching and running on the walls and in the attic. They also chew electrical wiring which might even instigate a fire risk. They are also said to cause more than 30 disease types of which rat-bite fever is the most common one. This disease gets transported to human beings from the rats via the bite of the rat. The rat droppings might bring over Salmonellosis or Leptospirosis. They intend to reproduce rapidly and they can possess around 60 young ones every year. The young ones also mature sexually within just 3 months of their birth and so infestation issues might become the most important trouble that you can never tolerate with, which will make you to find ways to get rid of them from your attic as soon as possible.

Poisoning the Long Island rats is the most inhumane and most horrible thing you can ever do. All the rats won’t get killed. New rats will replace the dead rats. The rat remains present in your walls and attic will start to stink horribly. Also, this process will never come to an end, and hence nothing is solved.

You can try using traps to catch them. The traps are very much effective in helping to catch and relocate the rats. This particular strategy is one among the best, but the major trouble is that you might have lots of rats in your attic and it is not that easy to catch hold of all of them using traps. Again, no one will want to relocate them which became accustomed to residing in an attic.

Rats tend to live anywhere and everywhere, wherever they find food and shelter. So it doesn’t mean that they live only in dirty areas. But, certainly, garbage attracts the rats.

Rats love heavy vegetation. They intend to feed on citrus trees, fruits and nuts from trees. They make use of trees to climb and get into houses. So it is better to trim the branches of your trees to avoid rats from entering your place.

The most important thing that you need to do is to keep your attic clean. It is actually a best idea. The Long Island rats will leave diseases and parasites as mentioned before, and they also communicate easily with their odor. Pheromones present in the urine and fur grease of a rat will inform other rats that there is a place nearby wherein rats can live. So, if the smell persists on your attic, then it is bound to get more number of rats in the next few months. Thus, it is better to clean, freshen and refreshed your attic to avoid them from coming there.

You can also opt to seal the entry spots to avoid the rats from entering your house and your attic. You need to find such spots first. Once you have sealed such pathways, the problem is entirely solved.

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