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How to get Long Island raccoons out of attic

Long Island Raccoons will always like to reside in places that are warm and dry like tree holes, hollow logs, dens and burrows. Your attic is also warm and dry and of course, it might be spacious to live in. These reasons help the raccoons to get into attics and start living there. Apart from the fact that they ruin the insulation, damage screens, and create holes on the sides of your home, they also urinate and do poop there. They also carry distemper, roundworm and fleas.

Raccoons might seem to be pretty or friendly. Yet, they come from the wild animal family and so will have the behavioral aspects of a wild animal. They have sturdy claws, prickly teeth and they carry parasites. You must never attempt to grab hold a raccoon by your hands. When you try to corner a raccoon, it does not have any choices other than to show aggression towards you. Raccoons are night-time creatures and so they are energetic during nightfall and past dark. They might be noisy and moderately destructive. They might even rip openings in order to gain entry into your house. They are omnivorous in nature and they tend to eat whatever they come across, particularly in your trash cans.

There are some easy ways to get rid of raccoon from your attic.

If you have Long Island raccoons living in the attic and you wish to get rid of them on your own, then you need to wait till the dark, when the adults go off. You can set up lights there. You can also place a radio and set them on talk radio. However this particular procedure might not offer great results and so you need to follow other ways to get rid of them.

If you are sure that there are no babies living in your attic, you can start to trim the branches of the tree that might have helped the raccoons to enter into your attic.

The next step is to discover and close all kinds of holes, you observe. However you need to observe very closely, since they just require 4 inch hole to get into your attic. It is also suggested that you leave at least one hole open, if there are more raccoons present inside your attic. They will be pressurized to make a move via that hole. You can secure a trap on the outside of the hole to catch them.

Another thing is that your community might possess certain rules in relation to what you can perform with reference to getting rid of wildlife from your home. In some communities you are not allowed to kill, trap or even change place of a raccoon and the local Long Island authorities also will never help in removal. So, it becomes very necessary to get to know what is allowed and what is not allowed before you start doing things to get rid of raccoons.

The major deal is that raccoons become tough to be eliminated from a place, particularly when they possess babies. The babies might be somewhere down there near the walls wherein you cannot see them. If you leave them to stay without their mother, they might die very soon. In order to avoid such circumstances, you need to call the experts to help you in the process.

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