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What does Stray Cat Feces Look Like?

Cats are some of the cutest creatures around, but they can also be a nuisance when they arrive in large numbers or are unwelcome. If you suspect that you have stray cats prowling around your property, there are certain indications that you can look for, including their feces. Stray cats, commonly known as feral cats, are usually Long Island cats from the wild. They are often associated with diseases, and often they are carriers of viruses. Therefore, you need to keep your hands away from the stray cats because you don’t want to contract harmful diseases that these animals carry.

The stray cats’ feces
Normal stray cat feces are described as follows:
- Deep brown in color
- Well formed
- Not too hard
- Not too soft
- Should be smelly, that is, the poop should have an odor—this is normal
In case you don’t see anything like that in the New York cat’s poop, then you need to avoid it and possibly get away from the cat because other indications could be dangerous and very harmful to our health.

Reasons not to trust the stray cats
The cat’s mouth and the claws contain very harmful bacteria and viruses. Never think of provoking the stray cat to attack you because you might end up contracting a harmful disease. Other precautions include never trying to bother the cat when eating and never trying to move the cat with your own bare hands. If you have to move the cat, use a long stick to do it or use some heavy gloves.

Stray cats have rabies
In the course of their tour towards your home, the cats may have come into contact with Long Island raccoons, skunks and other rodents. The rabies virus stays in the paws and in the claws of the cat. Cats groom themselves by applying their saliva on their paws and they wash/groom their skin with it. Therefore, the virus spreads all around the body. When you touch the cats with your bare hands, chances are that you may contract the harmful virus.

Contact with the feces
When you come into physical contact with the stray cats’ feces, you need to thoroughly wash your hands clean using soap or an anti-bacterial wash liquid. The New York cats’ feces contain harmful bacteria and parasites that may cause harmful effects to the body of the respective individual. Therefore, it is very important that you don’t touch the cat or the products of its body. You need to up your guards and keep your game very tight as far as the stray cats are concerned. You need to be very careful around them and do not touch them. Doing otherwise might lead to harmful viruses entering your body.

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