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How do You Know if You have a Wild Animal in Your Attic?

All kinds of wild Long Island animals have managed to climb up into an attic one way or another, but often it’s only when a strange noise comes from the ceilings that homeowners realize that there’s something up there. If you hear strange noises like squeaks, scratching or thumping sounds, these are excellent clues that you have an unwelcome visitor in your home. As tempting as it may be, you will not want to ignore these signs. You need to face the problem head on as quickly as possible.

The difference each sound makes
Many people will be scared when they hear unexpected noises, mainly because they will usually hear sounds that cry in the middle of the night. Depending on the type of New York animal, one will have to wake up in the wee hours before dawn to hear noises like a:
• Loud thump
• Walking sound
• Digging sound
• Scratching noise
• Scurrying sound

One more intense situation
It’s not only during the nighttime when you will hear something strange. The sounds these animals make may occur anytime of day. How does one know if there is any Long Island wild animal present in the attic? One thing you have to be aware of is the intensity of that sound. It can range from any of these:
• Subtle
• Loud
• Heavy
• Slow
• Fast
• Light

When you’re unwittingly letting them in
There’s also another way to find out if there happens to be a wild animal that made its way to your ceiling. Does your house have a possible entryway to where the main electrical wiring is installed? Perhaps most houses do have small gaps where small rodents can easily find their way in. That being said, New York animals always leave their clues. Take for example some rodents and squirrels. These critters love to chew wires and they also find safety in the warmth of an attic. You can search for some of these signs like:
• Chewed pieces of woods
• Chewed electrical wirings
• Nesting fragments
• Droppings that look like grains

Clues to the animal’s size
If you suspect something bigger like maybe an adult raccoon possibly nesting in the attic, you should consider different signals. A raccoon can make loud sounds and it is usually heavy when they walk. They also have this voice that is very particular, so there’s no mistaking that a Long Island raccoon is hiding somewhere. The possible entryway might be a torn screen from the air ventilation or maybe a door left cracked open for a long time when no one is home. Like the rest, these animals also give away some clues:
• Large droppings containing berries
• Shredded pieces from ducts and insulations

Variety of reasons to consider
As for other wild animals like snakes, opossums or even bats, the chance of these animals making their way up to your ceiling is quite high in some areas. As long as there are holes, eaves or worn out screening around the house, you will likely encounter pest problems and wild animals living in the attic.

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